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Shaft alignment

Aligning two or more centre lines

From all types of alignment is shaft alignment by far the most common. Nearly every machine is build into a machine-train in which a driving machine is coupled to a driven machine. When these components are coupled via a direct coupling or a spacer then it is necessary to align the shaft centre lines of both machines.

Increased load and vibrations


Misalignment is directly or indirectly responsible for more than 50% of all problems with rotating equipment. Problems like bearing damage, broken retainers, wear on couplings and seals. In order to prevent increased wear and vibrations, it is from the upmost importance that the machine centrelines are exactly aligned, even with the use of a flexible coupling. A misalignment will always lead to an increase in load and wear.

Besides increased wear will a misalignment also lead to increased vibrations and friction, which on their turn will lead to a significant increase in energy consumption.

Regarding the importance of a correct and accurate alignment it is, in almost every situation, preferred to use laser-optic alignment equipment. This high accuracy is guaranteed with all our laser alignments. Besides the accuracy we offer the service and speed for an as short as possible downtime.

Your advantages:

  • Increased bearing lifetime
  • Reduced coupling wear
  • Less change for leaking seals
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduced noise and vibration
  • Increased machinery lifetime

Modern alignment equipment

Van Geffen VMS only uses the most modern laser optic measurement equipment for measuring and adjusting the alignment of the following machine alignments:

  • Spacers (cooling towers)
  • Horizontal alignments
  • Vertical alignments
  • Machine trains (eg.: diesel engine - gearbox - generator - generator)
  • Uncoupled machines (coupling is mounted afterwards)