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Line bore

Full and halve bore measurements

Full and halve bore measurements are used to check whether the centre lines of a bore (in eg. diesel engines, turbines or propulsion shafts) are aligned with the machinery shaft centreline. Any deviations from this centreline are well documented enabling specific corrective actions like re-machining a bore or adjusting a bearing support.

Maximum efficiency


For many machines like turbines, gearboxes and propulsion shafts it is necessary to perform line bore measurements. After all, the slightest deviations can cause increased wear, oil instability and reduced efficiency due to leaking seals.

Using the latest laser measurement equipment we measure the bore position in one measurement run in X and Y direction. In no-time we can measure tens of positions. Any positions outside the tolerances will be directly detected.

For example Van Geffen VMS performs bore measurements on:

  • Turbines
  • Gearboxes
  • Propulsion shafts
  • Etc.