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Cardan coupling

Why aligning a cardan coupling?

Cardan coupling are often used to span relatively large distances between two coupled machines. A common misunderstanding from cardan couplings is that there is no need to align such a coupling. This however couldn't be more wrong! A cardan coupling is designed to compensate for a parallel offset between two machines. An angle offset however can have disastrous results.


Skipped or faulty alignment of a cardan coupling can lead to very high dynamic forces which often result in irreversible damage. An angle offset should therefore always be corrected before a machine is taken into production.

The alignment of a cardan coupling is a special type of alignment that require specialized tools and precision machined brackets. Van Geffen VMS has al the right equipment and has many years of experience with the alignment of cardan couplings is eg. cooling towers and (petro)chemical installations.