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From (cardan) shaft alignment till parallel alignments

Nearly every machine is build into a machine-train in which a driving machine is coupled to a driven machine. Whether it concerns a pump, fan, compressor, gearbox or generator, all these machines are driven by another component like electric motor, diesel or turbine.

Increasing wear


In order to prevent increased wear and vibration, it is from the upmost importance that the centrelines of two coupled machines are exactly alignment. Even with the use of a flexible coupling an accurate alignment requires the highest priority. After all, your machine is build to operate under optimized circumstances. An incorrect alignment is certainly not optimized and will always lead to an increase in load, wear and vibration level.

Misalignment has a negative influence on:

  • Bearing life time
  • Coupling wear
  • Wear on seals and rubbers
  • Energy consumption
  • Vibration and noise level
  • Product quality

Modern alignment equipment

Van Geffen VMS uses the most modern laser optic measurement equipment for the measurement of numerous alignment related problems. We have the knowledge, equipment and experienced and skilled people to perform: