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Parallel adjustments on multiple rollers

Many transport and production systems use a large number of rollers and drums for the transportation or processing of products. Any deviations in the parallelism between these rollers can lead to inaccuracies or damage to the product. For larger deviations it is also possible for the product to completely roll off the rollers.

Increased speeds


Because of the increased demand for efficiency there is also a trend to increase the line speeds. Higher speeds also mean smaller tolerances for the parallelism of the rollers.

Depending on the industry, deviations in parallelism can lead to:

  • Folds or crack in the product
  • Friction between product and rollers
  • Loss of product quality
  • Wear on rollers and/or drums

Van Geffen VMS has the specialised equipment, knowledge and experience for accurate measurements and readjustment of parallelism and performs these measurements in many industries:

  • Paper/cardboard industry
  • Steel industry
  • Food industry
  • Foil and film industry
  • Printing industry