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Oil and Gas

On-site (offshore) balancing of a turbine compressor

Machinery malfunctions always happen on the most inconvenient moments but also often on remote and hard to reach locations like the middle of the ocean. This is why Van Geffen VMS is not only available 24/7, but our specialists are also SCC (VCA), NOGEPA, OPITO and OLF certified enabling us to quickly travel to and safely work on board of ships, (construction) vessels and oil and gas platforms.

Unsatisfying overhaul


An overhaul of a critical and complex machine is skilled and specialized work that should only be performed with the highest precision. This goes for all situations but is especially important in the offshore industry. Corrections or repairs on incorrectly overhauled or installed machinery on-site is very costly. Performing commissioning measurements on new or overhauled machinery will directly determine whether or not the machine is installed correctly and if the performed work has resulted in the desired results.

A vibration measurement on a turbine compressor indicated a cracked coupling between the turbine and the gearbox. Subsequently to the measurements the coupling was replaced. A new commissioning measurement, after the replacement, showed a strong increase in vibration. An on-site analysis of the measurement data indicated that an imbalance in the new coupling was causing the high vibrations. Since the compressor was already planned for production, there was no time available to replace the coupling again.

Field balancing


Our vibration specialist on board could, with his all-round background, offer an alternative solution by directly balancing the coupling on-site. Additional costs and a long period of downtime could be prevented with this action. On that same day the vibration levels were reduced to a level well within the tolerances, and the turbine compressor was taken back into production.

The final start and production was again monitored with our 32 channel Machinery Health Monitoring System. All our specialists are well educated and are able to perform vibration measurements, field balancing and machinery alignment.