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Glass Industry

Monitoring critical fans

Besides all the obvious products as bottles, pots, shields and windows there are many more applications for which glass is used. One of these products is glass wool in behalf of insulation materials. For the production of virtually every glass product ovens are used for the melting of recycled glass and/or raw materials.


For safe heating, temperature regulation and for the extraction of smoke and waste fumes a large amount of equipment is necessary. Especially fans are crucial for supplying fresh air, extracting and filtering waste fumes, regulating pressure and for the cooling of critical parts in and around the oven. Failing fans can lead to damage to the installation, damage to the environment or even fire. Reliable machinery is therefore from the upmost importance.

Various large producers in this industry rely on Van Geffen VMS for the condition monitoring of their critical machinery. Vibration surveys conducted every three months produce a clear and reliable picture of the condition of the electric motors and bearings of the installations. Imbalances due to pollution, wear and/or deformation are detected in time for a balancing on-site to be sufficient to solve the problem.

Rotating equipment needs and has our constant attention, this is why you benefit from us as your direct line between you and your failing machine.