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Full availability between the dry docking

Factories and plants on shore typically have one or two planned production or maintenance stops. In the marine sector these maintenance periods are often much longer, while in the mean time the equipment on board is continuously running. Time for mayor repairs simply isn't available. This high demand for availability results in thorough and overhauls of the complete engine room. Unnecessary high costs often come along with these overhauls because well functioning bearings and machine parts are scrapped.

Commissioning measurements


For one of our customers in the dredging industry we monitor the condition of the most critical and intensively used machinery on board the ships. These ships are all over the world, involved in project for land reclamation or the deepening from harbours and rivers.

In cooperation with the customer an optimize condition monitoring program was developed. Measurements are performed approx. 1 to 2 months before docking. The results of these measurements will then be used as a guideline for the repairs, overhauls and inspections during the docking. At the end of the docking period but still before productions has been resumed, new commissioning measurements are carried out. Any irregularities caused by incorrect installation or other problems are detected and can be corrected before the ship returns to the ocean.

Increased reliability

Between the commissioning and the docking we also perform one measurement more. With these measurements the deteriorating conditions can be monitored and trended. Special parts with long delivery times can be put into order. Any pinching problems or necessary maintenance can then still be performed during crossings or bunkering.