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Measuring squareness

When 90° has to be 90°

In many processing operations the accuracy of the machinery build up determines the accuracy and the quality of the final product. In production processes has the squareness often a large influence on the smooth running of transport systems and can be the limiting factor for the maximum speed. One example of the importance of squareness is the feeding of product is long retort autoclave. If the feeding tracks are not square to the rails in the autoclave then the product will regularly jam.

Increased operating speed


A minimum deviation in squareness can, over a few or tens of meters lead to significant deviations. Deviations that can lead to jamming or damage of automatic transport or roller systems.

By accurately measuring the squareness and to optimize if necessary, it is possible to increase line operating speeds. This of course has a positive effect on the total production capacity.

Some examples of applications for squareness measurements are:

  • Control measurement on large crankshaft mechanism
  • Guidance tracks
  • Transport systems
  • Foundations