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Softfoot measurement

Softfoot leads to vibration and wear

Before a new machine is aligned it is important that a softfoot check is performed first. A softfoot develops when the different foots of a machine are not equally supported by the foundation. This can happen if one of the feet is not in the same plane as the other feet or when the foundation itself is not exactly straight. When a non supporting foot is not correctly filled, then the fastening of the bolts will cause internal stresses and deformation.

Uneven air gab


Especially with electric motors it is possible for this phenomenon to cause high vibration and electrical problems. The deformations of the stator will cause uneven air gab between the rotor and the stator. This uneven air gab causes a torque variation and a typical increase in vibration.

Extreme softfoot causes large deformation of the machine housing and high internal stresses. In combination with the vibrations to which every machine is subject to, it can lead to cracking or complete failure of e.g. motor feet. This could also lead to misalignment of bearing houses and cause reduced lifetime of seals, bearings and gears.