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Flatness & level

Flatness of a machine foundation

Every machine has a foundation whether it concerns a gas turbine in a power plant or a support bearing in a wind turbine. For a correct alignment a flat and straight foundation is from the upmost importance. Any deviations will lead to softfoot or other problems which can make a machine alignment a difficult and time consuming job. A crooked foundation can also lead to stresses in the foundation or machinery casing.

Prevention is better than the cure


Besides the flatness alone is the levelness also an important parameter for many foundations. For these applications it is also possible to measure the flatness against a very accurate level.

By performing flatness measurements before a machine is placed, it is possible to detect and to correct and deviations before these will lead to complications during the mounting or assembly of the machine.

Large stresses in the foundation are prevented, stresses that on the long term could lead to cracks. The repair of a cracked foundation is often a radical and time consuming job for which it is not uncommon that the whole installation has to be dissembled. A job that could easily be prevented.